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With 2017 having just arrived I set one of my “New Year Resolutions” in relation to my blog. My goal: Improve my blog. Hence I decided, I should get my logo figured out. So I spent my today working on this logo and also, I have an exam on Saturday and I’m procrastinating studying…but we’ll say this logo was driven by resolution, not procrastination.

So drum roll please……….I present to you, Young, Broke and Wandering’s official logo! I decided I wanted to really represent the traveling aspect of my blog and opted for spelling out the name of my blog with major landmarks and monuments. I had to finagle them a bit, and some ended up a bit sideways, or upside down, or even connected to others to make a letter.

There is a total of 15 monuments – can you name them all and guess which country they’re from? Comment below if you want to play!


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22 thoughts on “Logo Alert

  1. Aha! Worked it out. I was wondering why you had an abstract map of New South Wales for “B”. Now I see what you’ve done.

    Hmmm. It kind of works, but it doesn’t jump out and say clever or brilliant. It says, “forced”. I get the idea, but it’s a bit too finicky for me.


  2. Very interesting and extremely creative. I never would have thought of something like this. What a fun game trying to identify all the different monuments!


  3. This is one of the most creative logos I have ever come across! Totally worth prolonging that studying haha. I have one question, did the bridge (Brooklyn or golden gate?) look better upside down that upright? I would think the curves of the bridge would invoke the “w” more. Still love it though!

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  4. I see the Eiffel Tower, Burj Al Arab, Stature of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer, Arc de Triumph, Big Ben. Which am I missing!?


    1. The order is:
      eiffel tower
      london eye
      arc de triomphe
      chinese arch
      statue of liberty
      big ben
      london eye
      the washington monument/pisa/space needle
      taj mahal
      golden gate bridge
      chinese arch
      burj alarab
      taj mahal
      big ben
      christ the redeemer
      chinese arch
      Statue of Liberty


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