Meet Michelle.

Hi I’m Michelle, and I have been traveling since before I could walk, but at the age of 21, I really developed a passion for traveling. I love everything that comes with it – meeting new people, learning about new cultures, trying new foods, and the opening of our minds. Join us on our adventures.

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Meet James (a.k.a. the boyfriend).

James is an avid dog obsessing, adventure seeking, football playing, AND a crazy girlfriend that drags me all over the world loving guy. Join us on our misadventures

Young, Broke and Wandering

What is Young, Broke and Wandering all about?

IN SHORT: My travel adventures and misadventures with James filled with many dos and don’ts when traveling!

Originally I started this blog with the intent of updating my family, and James’ family of our adventures abroad during our “study abroad semester”. Not only did it save me having to tell each person individually what we were doing – but it allowed them to be part of our journeys! Since the creation of the blog, I have become quite fond of blogging of our adventures and misadventures! My goal is to share our journey with you all and hopefully give you a chuckle. Additionally, I would like to share any budget saving tips we used successfully, along with general travel tips that worked and didn’t work for us. Everything posted on the blog has been actually utilized and tried by me – not just copied and pasted from the internet. You will get the opinions and views of an authentic experience! Like what you hear so far? Sign up for my e-mail alerts and never fall behind!


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